Wellness Consulting


Planning a Worksite Wellness Program can be a rewarding experience for company leaders and other employees. Whether your business decides to develop a comprehensive program or just a couple of components, MyWellness Chicago can help your small business.

Wellness Programs generally consist of:

Biometric Screenings

A Biometric Screening is a short health examination that determines the risk level of a person for certain diseases and medical conditions. Cholesterol levels, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, and Glucose levels are typically tested, among others. This is thee most important component of any Wellness Program as it is imperative to identify conditions that employees may not be aware of.

Health Risk Assessments

Employers use health risk assessment questionnaires to gauge the well-being of employees, identify risky behaviors and find solutions to health matters. Questions are answered in this assessment and these answers are typically combined with the biometric screening results to form an overall health score.

Health Coaching

Employees with health risks are assigned to a health coach, typically included within the Wellness Program. The coach works with the employee confidentially to help overcome health concerns.

Health Challenges

Weight loss challenges and walking challenges are the most popular worksite health challenges. Incentives are typically offered in order to engage employees to participate.


Incentives such as insurance premium discounts are often offered by employers to help drive Wellness Programs and increase participation.

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