Massage Therapy

What can you expect in your massage session at MyWellness Chicago?
  1. I try to spiritually connect with you during the massage and create a zen-like feel. Because I try to get in sync with your breathing and tension points, the treatment I apply becomes as enjoyable for me as it will be for you the patient.
  2. Your massage will be customized to your needs. That means if you have an area of the body you want to be emphasized, that’s what you’ll receive. Of course, your massage will still include the entire body.
  3. I don’t watch the clock. Just because your massage is 60 minutes, it may take longer if I feel I need to work on an area that needs extra care. But, you do not pay for the extra time.
  4. When you pay for a session, the time you pay for is your hands on time. Assessments, notes, changing, etc., do not count towards your massage time.
  5. I limit my massage schedule to two to three sessions per day. Therefore, you will get my full energy and effort.
  6. In some sessions I will add stretching, especially for athletes who have hamstring, quadriceps and/or IT Band issues. A marathon runner myself, I can empathize with the aches and pains an athlete endures.