FAQ Wellness Consulting

Who does the biometric screenings?

You will be given options of wellness vendors to choose from. Depending on the insurance program you have, blood screenings may be applied to employees’ insurance, under the preventive care benefit.

Are employees’ results of blood screenings, health risk assessments, and health coaching confidential?

Yes – The employer only receives a summary report from the wellness vendor that shows the collective results of the group. Typically, a group must have at least twenty participants in order to receive a summary report to comply with HIPAA privacy rules. Individuals view a report of their results.

What is the fee for Wellness Consulting?

An annual fee will vary depending upon the group size. The fee is nominal, and includes finding a wellness vendor suitable for your group, coordinating the biometric screening event, assisting with health challenges, conducting onsite presentations regarding health topics, and an annual onsite corporate chair massage day(s).